Throughout January and February, the top achievers in the movie industry will be honored for their achievements .  One of the year's front runners is The Social Network, the story behind the rise of Facebook.  Who would have guessed 10 years ago that Social Networking would be so heavily integrated into our lives?  It is estimated that 80% of all Americans engage in some sort of Social Media on a regular basis. We've adapted our shopping, dating, learning, gaming and, of course, our job seeking habits to take advantage of Web 2.0.  Corporations are doing the same in marketing, distribution and hiring.  Considering the liklihood of social networking affecting your job search, this month's topic is Guarding Your Online Profile, which is evolving into a full time job in itself!

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According to a CareerBuilder Survey of 2600 Hiring Managers, 45% use Social Networking sites to screen potential candidates. One in three Managers reported that the information found online excluded candidates for one of the following reasons: information about drug and alcohol use, poor communication skills, bad-mouthing former employers, inappropriate photos, inappropriate screen names, inaccurate qualifications and links to criminal behavior.  In addition, one in four employers said the content they found online convinced them TO hire a candidate, due to professional image and profile, solid references and communication skills. With the availability of detailed information just a click away, more job seekers are getting smart--ensuring that their online profiles work for them, rather than against them.

Whether you are in an active job search, or if you are like the majority of people who are not actively searching for employment but would like to "be found" and informed about exciting job opportunities, you can take the proper steps to ensure that your online profile is reflecting exactly what you want it to. Here are some suggestions:

1. Conduct a Google on yourself, or use one of the search engines like Yasni or a site called Spokeo.  This is free, very simple to do and will yield a good amount of information to start with. Much of your information will come up-blogs, pictures, and just about anything posted online that your name has been attached to. Many people have profiles, accounts and other information online that they've long forgotten about. If there are items that need to be cleaned up, make sure you do so promptly. Although public information has always been available, it has never been so easy to find. In some cases, you can disable this option.

2. Update your Social Networking Profiles LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and MySpace are all used extensively to conduct behind the scene reference checks. The content, pictures, links, etc of these profiles are in your control. As we've seen, the information contained in these profiles can eliminate you from consideration for a position, or may convince someone that you are the right person for the job. You may not know this is being done, and the company won't advertise it, but what's public knowledge is fair game. Check the accuracy of the information; update your profile with awards, achievements, degrees, interests, technologies, etc.

3. Ask your coworkers, managers, professors and clients for recommendations. On LinkedIn, your references/recommendations are in plain sight and are often taken into consideration by potential employers. Be proactive in soliciting good information from colleagues who really know your work. The effectiveness of the reference will depend on the quality of the relationship-so choose carefully. Also, be willing to take the time to provide references for others. You work hard. You work harder to identify potential positions and companies you are interested in joining and even harder during the interview process to be considered for an offer. Don't let negative or sloppy online information prevent you from obtaining the career opportunity you deserve!

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