Spring represents a seasonal rebirth and new beginnings.  Perhaps you are considering a job change and renewed growth in your career?  With the technology job market in full swing, you'll likely have opportunities to choose from--more than you've seen in many years.  Below we offer a Job Offer Checklist to help you evaluate and select the best opportunity to meet your professional and personal goals.

The CONEXiS Staffing team is here to helpyou reach your career goals!  We specialize in recruiting Software, Engineering and Information Technology Professionals for start ups, emerging growth companies and some of California's most respected companies. Opportunities exist for full-time, project and consulting engagements. Let us know how we can help you!

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As you evaluate potential job offers (even before you begin to consider your options) you'll want to do some soul-searching to identify what's really important to you today...and to plan for your future.  Job changes are essential for career growth, but you want to make sure the change is leading you in the right direction, for the right reasons.  Here's a list of questions to help you evaluate your next job offer.

1. Evaluate the Position    

-Is this the Technology and the role I see for myself?

-Can I perform this work successfully, yet have room to grow?

-Are the goals set for this position realistic and attainable?

**What advantage does this position offer over my current job?

 2.  The Cultural Fit

- Can I see myself working with this team and management?

- Does the work environment fit my style and personality?

- Does the current staff appear excited and positive about the work?

- Are our core values aligned?

**Can I see myself thriving in this environment?

3.  The Company 

-  Where is the company today, and where are they going?

-  Is this a market segment with potential for growth?

-  What is the reputation of the company, people and product?

**Is this a company I am proud to be part of?

4.  Risk Management

-   What challenges face this company/department?

-    Why is the position open? 

-   Why have others failed in this role in the past?

**If things do not work out, will I be in a better position in the future?

5.  Your Goals

-  Are my financial needs being met--salary, bonus, benefits, etc?

-  Are the demands of the positioin compatible with my lifestyle?

-  Does this position move me in the career direction I've chosen?

**Do the benefits of taking this offer justify a job change?

While it may not be necessary for you to have all of your goals met to take a leap of faith into a new career opportunity, it is important to know why you are making a change.  As recruiters, candidates often tell us the reason they are looking for a new job is "career growth"--but what does that mean?  It is different for everyone and only you know the answer.

In the words of Jim Rohn, a successful entrepreneur, author and motivational speaker, " I find it fascinating that most people plan their vacations with better care than they do their lives. Perhaps that is because escape is easier than change."  A little time spent to plan your next career move will put you at the head of the pack!



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