'Tis the Season of Giving!  Soon, you may thinking about the friends, family members and charities who deserve a special gift from you this year.  Are you including yourself on that list?  This year, give yourself the Gift of Reflection.  Year-end and, hopefully, some much needed down time, will provide the ideal time to reflect on your life and career.  While you'll have to come up with the life questions on your own, we can possibly help in the career category. This month, we feature tools to give yourself a wonderful gift--the opportunity to assess and reflect on your career choices, status and aspirations. 

The CONEXiS Staffing team is here to help you reach your career goals!  We specialize in recruiting Software, Engineering and Information Technology Professionals for start ups, emerging growth companies and some of California's most respected companies. Opportunities exist for full-time, project and consulting engagements. Thank you for the opportunity to stay in touch.  Best wishes,

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When is the last time you gave yourself a truly special gift? This holiday season, give yourself the Gift of Career Reflection. In the midst of the hustle and bustle of the season, it's easy to get swallowed up with work deadlines, travel, relatives, parties and more. Before you know it, January is here and you are back at work-hopefully doing what you love, but possibly going through the motions, unmotivated and uninspired. This year, reward yourself with a few quiet moments to reflect on your professional life. Self-awareness is the key for gaining better appreciation of your current status, or for providing the catalyst to moving on. Below we provide some questions that may help with the process. Enjoy!

1.     Overall, how satisfied am I in my career?

2.     Am I on the career path I planned for myself?

3.     When I began my career, what did I envision?

4.     Why did I choose the career path I did?

5.     What has affected my progress?

6.     What have I done right, where did I stumble?

7.     Am I growing? Do I want to grow?

8.     Am I challenged? Am I in need of a challenge?

9.     If I could choose my perfect job, what would it look like?

10.   How far from that vision am I?

11.   What is preventing me from getting there?

12.   What am I willing to do to get there?

13.   What are the steps I can take to get there?

14.   Who can help me to reach my goals?  

Once you've rediscovered your career goals, you'll have taken the first step to re-energizing your career. What a wonderful gift to give yourself.  Happy Holidays from the Conexis Team.




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As always, we wish you continued success in your career!

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