Several February events honor those who stand out in the crowd.  The Grammys, The Oscars, the Super Bowl...all celebrate those who've stood out from the rest to achieve the best in their fields.  This month, we focus on helping you Stand Out from the Crowd.  As you'll see below, to set yourself apart from the norm and win respect (and potentially, the job!) in an interview situation, you won't need to be over the top.   Instead, it is a matter of good, old fashioned character traits-- being honest, true and prepared.  Simple really! 

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 Standing out in an interview is easier than you think. One of the best ways to separate yourself from the pack is to really know what you claim to know on your resume. While this sounds like a simple concept, according to Hiring Managers, it is not always the case.   To complicate matters, recent surveys from Careerbuilder indicate that 38% of job seekers surveyed admitted they embellished their job responsibilities on their resumes, and a smaller percentage admitted to lying about their skill sets, dates of employment, degree, titles and more. Information Technology resume fabrication rates were higher than average, at almost 57%!

You can stand out from the crowd by making sure that there is a clear connection between your resume details and your ability to elaborate on these details in an interview. When the interviewer's expectations align with the candidate's abilities, magic happens! Here are a few simple suggestions to ensure this happens more often for you.

IF IT IS WRITTEN, BE PREPARED TO DISCUSS IN DETAIL: The catalogue of Software Technology products is vast and ever growing. The latest tools, frameworks and methodologies-everyone wants them and your company uses them, or perhaps you've read up on them, so they belong on your resume, right? Maybe or maybe not. The question to ask yourself is, "Am I  comfortable fielding questions from an experienced user of this technology?" If you cannot answer yes, use the term "knowledge of" in place of "experienced with."

REFRESH YOURSELF: Not many of us could describe in great detail a past or even more recent project on a moment's notice. Add to that, interview jitters and what you get is a perceived lack of confidence/competence. We often talk with regretful candidates who know they could have and should have done better in the interview-but did not, due to lack of preparation. Look at your resume from an outsider's view and dissect the projects from top to bottom. What was the project overview? What was my role? How long of a project? What did I accomplish? What tools did I use? Was the project successful? What business need did I address or solve? Write yourself a paragraph or two of each project as mental preparation.

WHEN IN DOUBT, LEAVE IT OUT: What do you really do on a daily basis? Using what tools and technologies? What do you want to work on in the future? Chances are, you are looking to move forward in your career when considering a job change. Why then, would your resume give equal billing to outdated technologies you have no interest in using again? Pascal, Fortran, old versions of operating systems, etc. Your SKILLS summary may be a work in progress with you adding to the list each time you change jobs. You may want to drop a few off of the list as well.

Connect your resume with your abilities and interests. Stand out from the crowd!  By tweaking your resume to accurately reflect your skills, knowledge and interests, you may garner less non productive interviews, but increase your chances of locating the right opportunity!



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