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They say "March comes in like a lion and goes out like a lamb."  The job market, as well, is in full roar and not likely to become sheepish any time soon!  In any economy--good or bad, excellent communication skills are highly reguarded and in demand.  If you are among the 84% who are considering a job change this year, you'll find your value increasing in direct proportion to your ability to communicate effectively.  For those of you who are happily employed and looking for career advancement within your company, improving your communications skills will help you reach your goals. Below we offer some guidelines for doing so.

CONEXiS is here to help you reach your career goals!  The Staffing Team specializes in recruiting Software, Engineering and Information Technology Professionals for start ups, emerging growth companies and some of California's most respected companies. Opportunities exist for full-time, project and consulting engagements. Thank you for the opportunity to stay in touch.

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"Excellent Communication Skills" is one of the highest priority soft skills in demand in today's competitive work environment. Yes, core technical skills, a record of achievement and strong educational background are important as well, but what usually tips the scales in favor of one candidate over another is that person's ability to communicate and connect. Take the time to improve your written and oral communication skills and you'll be poised to win more jobs, promotions and long term career success. Here's how:


Listen:  Sounds counterintuitive, but excellent listening skills provide the foundation to becoming good communicator. A common mistake people make in an interview and in conversation is to try to formulate responses while the other person is talking. By doing so, much of the information is missed. Communication is a two way street-listening and talking. Stop, listen, then respond.


Be Sincere:  Building on listening skills, take the time to digest what you are hearing and take an active interest in the person and topic. Asking the right questions at the right time will demonstrate your sincerity. Remember the Golden Rule and treat others as you would like to be treated. We all feel valued when someone truly listens to us.


Be Succinct:  What is too much information and what is not enough? Finding a balance between these two competing interests is critical in an interview situation, and in the workplace. During an interview, provide a concise, well thought out, yet detailed answer to each question, and then ask the interviewer if he/she would like you to expand on the answer. If so, go deeper into detail and use this level of detail as a guideline for the rest of the questions in the interview.


Be Respectful:  In the workplace, in an interview or at your local coffee shop, the protocol is the same-listen as much, if not more, than you talk. Some especially chatty individuals believe that everyone wants to hear their story, often interrupting and infringing on other's personal space and time. Some of these folks believe they have excellent communication skills, but in reality, lack the emotional intelligence to gauge when enough is enough.


English Skills:  Included (but as you can see, not at the top of the list) in the evaluation of communication skills is your ability to clearly speak and write in English. Native and non-native English speakers alike can work to improve their command and fluency of the language. To succeed in the professional world, you must be able to present and defend your ideas with passion and confidence.


Practice Makes Perfect:  As a rule, the Technology/Engineering world is known for its brilliant minds, problem solving skills and innovative individuals, and not necessarily for its strong communicators. Yet, a combination of these skills helps to propel an individual to the top. Take the time to break out of your comfort zone and start conversations with your peers, your subordinates and your executives.



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