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Some people love to interview.   Most of us, however, are somewhat intimidated by the thought of interviewing.  I would venture to guess that interview anxiety keeps some Technology Professionals from the career growth they crave and deserve. This month, we've sifted through the vast amount of interview preparation information available and condensed it down to 2 Simple Goals--Get an offer and decide if you'd like to take it!


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Does the thought of an interview stress you out?   There is so much information available online for interview preparation that you can easily go into sensory overload. You may become so overwhelmed that you forget what's really important-getting the job--or at least an offer!


Your goals during an interview process are simple. Get a Job Offer and Determine if you want the Job. Of course, proper interview preparation and execution needs to take place in order to accomplish these goals, but it helps to narrow down the focus. Here's how:


Get the Job Offer


The ultimate goal of any interview process is to receive a job offer. If you accomplish this goal, you can either accept it or turn it down-you choose. No one enters into an interview process with the intention of failing, right? Otherwise, you wouldn't waste your time and energy and take on the additional stress. In order to get to this point, you will need to establish with the interviewer that you are qualified for the job and interested in the job. How do you do that?


-Review the company, job description and qualifications.

-Relate your skills and experiences directly to the interviewers needs

-Be honest about your strengths and weaknesses

-Give examples of how you have been successful in the past

-Be prepared for technical questions

-If you don't have something they need, express an interest in learning

-End the interview with a statement of interest


Determine if you want the job


An equally important consideration during an interview process is to determine whether you would like the job, if offered. By asking the right questions, observing the environment and using the interview process as a guideline, you can learn enough to decide whether this opportunity fits in with your career goals.


-Ask the Interviewer to describe the role and responsibilities

-Does the work sound challenging and fun to you?

-What are the challenges and future growth of the position?

-What skills do they value most in an employee?

-Ask the interviewers what they like most/least about the company

-Is the corporate culture in line with your work style?

-Are employees a priority?

-Are the salary, benefits, location, hours, etc. in line with your goals?


Whether you actually receive an offer or not can be affected by many factors out of your control, such as: a better candidate, position is put on hold, the technology or title or level, etc. changes. Focus on what you can control, however, and you will greatly improve your chances for success. You can always turn a job offer down, but rarely can you recover from a bad interview. Over the years, we've often seen the job offered to the candidate with the most potential, attitude and team fit versus the one who looked best on paper. Put your best foot forward for each and every interview and you will have no regrets.


The CONEXiS Team wishes you the best in your interview. If you have any questions, or would like to speak with any of our recruiters regarding interviewing, please give us a call. We are here to help!



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