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As a Technology Professional in high demand, you are now getting more calls from Recruiters than you have in a long, long time. So many calls, each with a story to tell or job to do you know who to trust with your career?  Representation by a Professional Recruiter has many advantages, including access to hidden job opportunities, professional counseling and stronger negotiations during the interview process.  This month, we've provided a guideline to help you identify the right recruiter to assist you with your career goals.


The CONEXiS Staffing team is here to help you reach your career goals!  We specialize in recruiting Software, Engineering and Information Technology Professionals for start ups, emerging growth companies and some of California's most respected companies. Opportunities exist for full-time, project and consulting engagements. Let us know how we can help you!


Best wishes for continued success in your career!

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Don't Use a Recruiter Unless...



Think of the last Recruiter who scheduled an interview for you. When you ended the conversation, did you feel confident that your job search, and ultimately, your career, was in the right hands? Did you get the distinct impression that you would benefit by being represented by this person? If not, you are not or were not being represented by a true partner.


You are getting the full value of a Recruiting Partnership if.....


Your Recruiter takes the time to listen, to understand your background, your strengths and weaknesses, and your career goals. The best Recruiters will not only listen to you, but will help you to better understand yourself.


Your Recruiter has a good reputation in the Industry. He/she demonstrates qualities of honesty, integrity and is in the Technology Recruiting industry for the long haul. Ask around, get referrals, and check LinkedIn to help you decide who's best for you.


Your Recruiter has solid relationships with the clients they represent. Getting answers to questions like, "How long have you worked with this client? How many people have you placed here in the past? What is the culture like? What does this hiring manager like/dislike in a candidate?" will help you to better understand how well the recruiter really knows the client.   You can also check LinkedIn for connections between organizations.


You are presented with positions that are in line with your background, goals and interests, and maybe with some that you hadn't thought of for yourself. Anyone can match skills to skills, however, a really great recruiter will recognize where you are going in your career and help you take the steps to get there.


Your Recruiter has knowledge of the job and candidate market and can provide you with insight on your competition and any challenges you may face, in your pursuit of your goals. If your salary expectations are out of line with the market, wouldn't you want to know before making a costly interview mistake?


Your Recruiter Partner has the ability to professionally manage the interview and hiring process, successfully working through issues and challenges, always moving towards a positive outcome for you and the client.


You like your Recruiter!  If you are not impressed with the way your Recruiting Partner works, how can you allow them to represent you? Your interactions with your Recruiter are going to mirror the way they work with clients. Too passive and they won't push through issues. Too aggressive and they'll turn off the clients, hurting your chances.


If you are like most Technology Professionals we speak with, you are getting multiple calls from Recruiters each and every day. We invite you to contact CONEXiS to learn more about our process and client base. We know we cannot successfully help every candidate into the job of their dreams (although we wish we could!), but we can guarantee you will be treated with courtesy, respect and honesty.



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As always, we wish you continued success in your career!


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