Spring is in the air!  Spring brings change and new beginnings in many different ways.  Beautiful weather, lots of new color in our landscape and more activities outdoors.  Spring is also known as the best time to make a career change.  Many companies see significant progress by Springtime and can compare where they are against their "New Year Plans".  This spring, some of our clients are looking to fill more positions than ever before!

In this month's newsletter, I am including some simple but powerful resume tips that help you stand out from the crowd.  Always keep in mind your resume is your calling card and should answer one important question by prospective employers....Will he/she work for me?  By adopting just a few of these tips, your resume submissions can return more exciting meetings with hiring managers. 

I am also including some very exciting news about another Hiring Event we are hosting for Samsung.  We have successfully completed 2 so far with fantastic results and are looking forward to a third successful event on March 15th!


  1. Custom tailor your resume to best represent your skill set based on the requirements requested.  If you have the skills list them!  It is too difficult to try to convince a prospective employer that you have what they need if it is not on your resume. 
  2. Use Power Words.  Try to use some impact words when describing important tasks.  Such as "initiated", "spearheaded" or shaped" instead of "worked on", "planned", or "started". 
  3. Highlight accomplishments, not just tasks.  Resumes that tell a story sell.  Think of your most significant accomplishments or what you excelled at most.  For example: design, coded and implemented is a task.  Consider adding what you accomplished with those tasks and how you impacted the business.
  4. Layout and design matters.  Review your resume and ask yourself "does my story flow easily?"and "is it easy to read and easy on the eyes?"  Pay attention to the choice and size of your font, have your formatting simple and clean and minimize fancy additions.   Keep in mind, sometimes your resume may get a 10 second pass through or glance.  Make sure it looks good!
  5. Include interesting facts, hobbies or interests.  At the end of the day, people hire people.  We all like to hear about what makes someone different or special.  Be sure to include details that can distinguish you from others such as certifications, contest or competitions, inventions, hobbies, self-study etc.

Mara McElroy

Director, Recruitment Services


CONEXiS and Samsung Hiring Event


Due to our long standing and successful partnership with Samsung, we have been asked to host another hiring event for their Irvine location on March 15th

Why should you consider attending this event?  You will have a chance to see their latest products in development up close and personal.  You will meet with and hear from their top engineers and management team.  You will have a chance to tour their facility, and see the culture and operations.  And most importantly, you will interview as a VIP in an event that is by invitation only.  Although Samsung has some basic requirements such as solid education, passion in the industry and good communication skills, they hire based on ability and adaptability.  Please review the current openings and consider joining the event and starting a new career with Samsung!

Web Development: Junior to mid-level opportunities to work with partners to help develop a new line for Samsung.  JS, JQuery, CSS and HTML5 are just some of the technologies you will work with.  International travel for some of the positions

Software Development: Backend and middleware development with C/C++ or Java.  Work on future applications for SmartTV's

Platform Development: Consult with high profile partners, architect solutions for content and delivery and help create more possibilities for future releases

Graphics: Optimize Samsung's graphics engine to enhance performance.  OpenGL, C/C++ Linux

Artificial Intelligence: Create the brains of their future TV's.  Work with NLP, speech, facial or emotion recognition.


March Hot Jobs!

Every month we will be featuring our top 5 jobs of the month. Take a look and see if any of these new jobs are for you!

.NET Developer- Irvine, CA

Director of Technology- Los Angeles, CA

.NET Developer- Monrovia, CA

Product Manager- Anaheim, CA

QA Contractor- Irvine, CA

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