Deciding on a Job Offer

It is hard to believe we have put the first quarter of 2013 behind us!  This year is certainly shaping up to be a very busy year for candidates who have decided to take the plunge and consider a job change.  Not only do you have many options to navigate through, you have to then find the time to successfully complete the interview process in order to receive the offer you want.  In this month's issue we will address how to save you some time, and your sanity when deciding on an offer.  Making a decision on an offer, even if the decision is a struggle, is one of the few good problems to have!


Mara McElroy

Director, Recruitment Services

The Job Offer...What to Do Now!

Congratulations!  You have made it through the time consuming and challenging task of impressing your potential employer, and now it is time for your pay off...the Job Offer.  So what do you do now?  Should you shop around?  Confer with your spouse, colleagues or friends?  Do you negotiate?  Do you hint for a counter offer? 

The recruiters at CONEXiS have advised on hundreds of offers, and have witnessed a developing trend of how companies present offers and how they expect offers to be answered.  Although you may be in the driver's seat in today's market, it may still be helpful and much less painful and time consuming to consider modifying your offer evaluation stage to mirror the company's expectations. 

When evaluating and deciding on a job offer, consider how companies have evolved with the times.  Companies move at a much faster pace, and are more agile than ever.  They interview quickly, extend offers quickly and look for quick decisions. Companies also operate much leaner than they did years ago.  There is most likely much less support in administration and operations, therefore, certain functions such as formal offer letters and HR involvement may not be part of the process initially, or even at all.  Below are a few simple tips to help today's offer stage go smoothly, so that you can enjoy the fruits of your labor!

  1. Trust your instincts and listen to them throughout the process.  If you feel like the company is not for you, take yourself out. Evaluating an offer from a company that you have no intentions on working with is a time stealer and muddies the water.
  2. Be clear about your compensation and benefit needs up front.  Don't wait for the offer to negotiate, do your math ahead of time and be sure to ask your recruiter for benefit information during the interview process, not after.  When this is done right, the offer should be exactly what you were looking for.  When you receive and accept the verbal offer, the written offer should be just a formality.
  3. Discuss the company and potential with the important people in your life when you realize you are excited about the opportunity.  If you are excited about a potential new position, share the information with the important people in your life who you look to for support.  If they are part of the decision then they should certainly be part of the process.  If you have their support, you will feel more confident.
  4. Don't shop the offer around. Let's be honest, if all it takes is another offer a couple thousand dollars higher in order for you to question the job offer, then you really do not want it.  When all things line up, the money appears right as well.  If you get what you want, then still have to shop around, make things easier on yourself and decline.  
  5. Ask for your "counter offer" before you start interviewing.  We all know taking a counter offer when you put in resignation is career suicide, however, discussing your concerns and asking for change in your current position before you enter into the interview process is not only professional but also very prudent.  You owe it to yourself to ask for change in your current role, you should never have to threaten with an offer elsewhere.

It is human nature to try to validate our instincts with facts and opinions, instead of automatically trusting our first instinct.  The choice whether or not to accept an offer should not be rushed, but rather, be an informed decision derived through your work and time already invested into the process.  By following these tips you should be prepared to accept or deny any offer within 24 hours of receiving it.  If you already know you want the job and all things line up for you, just say YES!

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