Just Say NO!

In our newsletters, we strive to provide helpful information that you may be able to take advantage of if you should want to consider a job change, polish up your resume or improve your interviewing skills.  May is certainly no exception! Historically May is one of the top 2 active months for hiring and we want to do what we can to help you land that ideal position.  We will soon be in summer vacation mode, therefore, there tends to be a big push in May to fill open positions before summer is in full swing.  In this issue I will talk about how to effectively end an interview in a positive way.  The last impression you make on even the most challenging interview just might dictate the outcome. 


Mara McElroy

Director, Recruitment Services

Just Say NO...To NO!

It's the end of your interview, and regardless of how it went, the interviewer asks the inevitable question, "Before I let you go, do you have any questions for me?"  When this happens, DO NOT under any circumstances, answer no!  You may feel that they have fully answered all of your questions, and that you have complete knowledge of what is expected. You maybe even already decided that you want the job; however the interviewer asks you this question for a reason.  The interviewer wants you to answer yes!  Perhaps, they want you to show extra interest?  Maybe, they want to see what is really important to you?  Possibly, they are looking for more assertiveness to turn a negative interview into a positive interview?  No matter what the reason, you can take advantage of this moment to separate yourself from others.  What and how you answer the question just might be what will get you the offer you want and deserve.  There is always another question you can ask to show your interest AND prove you are a good choice.   Below are some Dos and Don'ts to consider when faced with this question.  I am confident that by turning that "No, I do not" into "Yes I do" when asked if you have questions at the end of the interview will elevate your status as a quality candidate.  And remember to have a great come back in mind to seal the deal!


Do's (be sure to close the loop with a solid comeback about yourself in response to the question)

  • What qualities do you view as most important in your employees?
  • When will you make a decision?
  • If I am selected for the position, when would you like me to start?
  • What do you like most about your company?
  • How do I compare to other candidates you have seen?
  • If I am lacking a certain skill you need, is there an assignment I can do for you this evening to prove what I can do?

 Don'ts (these are not bad questions, just not the right time to ask them!)

  • No, I do not have any questions.
  • How quickly will I get a raise?
  • How much turnover do you have?
  • How many PTO's will I get?
  • Will there be a chance for me to transfer to a different team?
  • How much overtime will I have to work?


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