The year is in full swing!  The first half of the year has seen improvement in the economy and the job market. Especially the technical job market here in Southern California.  The available positions seem to be more abundant than ever!  In our next couple of newsletters, we are going to talk about the basic fundamentals of interviewing.  Although interviews have evolved to be a somewhat mind blowing event in some cases, the basics that must be mastered have not changed in many, many years.  The interview puzzles, exercises, stress tests etc. come and go, but classic interview etiquette and preparation is still the winning combination to nail that job offer.  In this month's issue, we have included some basic but necessary tips to help you prepare for any interview.  Most of these we take for granted, therefore we cannot be reminded enough.  

As always, we appreciate the connection with you and wish you all the best in your endeavors!

Mara McElroy

Director, Recruitment Services

Preparing For An Interview


Every aspect of the interview process is very important. However, doing your research before hand and being prepared gets you started on the right path to receiving an offer.

A day or two before the interview, take some time to thoroughly research the company, their culture, products, services, current staff and recent news.  Some sources to consider are their corporate website, LinkedIn, twitter, Facebook, and search engines.

Examine the technical requirements and engage in self study to prepare yourself for any technical questions that may come your way.  Mentally highlight your accomplishments as they relate to the position and company.

Prepare any questions you would like to ask the interviewer(s).  For example, "What are some of your toughest challenges?", "What are the top 3 things you look for in a candidate for this position?", or "Where do you see the company 5 years from now?".


Be mindful of your appearance.  You only have one first impression, so dress to impress.  Business casual or business professional attire is generally acceptable in today's market.  However, contact your CONEXiS recruiter to find out your options.  When in doubt, a suit is your best choice.


No matter what, DON'T BE LATE!!  Be sure to map out your route ahead of time.  Leave ample time for traffic situations, parking, etc.  You should plan to walk in their door 15 minutes in advance of your scheduled interview.


The day before the interview, prepare a notebook, copies of your resume, and if appropriate samples of your work.  Some examples are design or project portfolios, code samples, technical documentation, or personal projects.  If something is mentioned on your resume, be prepared to discuss in detail.  Practice, Practice, Practice!

Finally, get a good night's sleep and rest assured you did all you can to do your best for the interview.  That is a confident and comforting feeling you deserve!  

July Hot Jobs!

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