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Writing a Thank You Letter


Writing a compelling Thank You Letter in today's job market, tradition with a twist!    


Below are some Thank You Letter writing tips we have been subscribing to for years as well as some great updated ideas we have learned from some of our most successful candidates.  Here are simple ideas on how to write a compelling, or possibly game changing, Thank You Letter for your interviews.  Believe it or not, many people have forgotten about this tradition.  By committing to writing interesting Thank You Letters you may very well tip the scales in your favor.  You may not turn every interview into an offer through compelling emails but you will certainly increase you chances of getting the job you want. 




Traditional: Send your letter within 24 hours, at the latest.   

Twist: By the end of the day, send it when everything is fresh in your mind.   

Bigger twist: Send it after each subsequent interview and after accepting the offer.




Traditional: Address and send to each individual interviewer whenever possible. 

Twist: Never send a generic thank you to "All".  If you do not have all the names, address to the organizer of the interview.  Send a specific individualized message to each interviewer separately.


First Paragraph 


Traditional: Thank them for their time and for the consideration for the opportunity. 

Twist: Be specific to mention the day and the position you were interviewing for and mentioned something that impressed you about the company, tone or culture.  Thanking them is expected however adding some individuality will set you apart.


Second Paragraph

Traditional: Express your interest, why you are interested and why you feel you may be a good candidate for the position.  Customize for each interviewer addressing what seemed to be important to each individual.  Comment on something the interviewer said that was important for the position and relate it back to your accomplishments. 

Twist:  Acknowledge what you will gain by joining the company, not just what you can do for them.  Employers like to know that you have something to gain from the position to ensure long term success and mutual satisfaction.  Keeping an employee is as important as getting one these days.


Third Paragraph

Traditional: Address areas you may not have had a chance to cover while on site or to correct a blunder if possible.  If you did not have a chance to cover something that you feel is important for them to know this is the paragraph to address it. 

Twist: Invite them to look at a sample, link, acclaims or awards.  Do not demand, just simply include in the letter as an offer. 


Closing, or Final Paragraph

Traditional: Express you are interested one last time and offer your availability for follow up.

Twist: Ask for the job and when you can start!  If you truly want the job you owe it to yourself to go for it!




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