Security Solutions
Keeping your business secure is paramount to your business success.  At CONEXiS, we understand keeping business assets secure and your facilities safe from theft of all types.

Once again, we have partnered with the "best of the best" in the IP Security Systems space -- iPoint.  iPoint is a world leader in design, engineering and production of high quality surveillance systems and supporting solutions. The company has 21 years of technology experience designing tailored solutions to the specific needs of business, education and government environments. With its IP solutions and our experienced engineering team, CONEXiS provides our clients with a high level of proactive security and surveillance solutions.

In order to design the best Security Solution for your business, we will work with your IT and security staff to deliver cost-effective solutions from the procurement of equipment to full management of your security efforts.  We will design a solution that works most seamlessly with your existing IT infrastructure.  Call us today so that we can help you keep your assets, systems and intellectual property safe and secure.